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Pine Valley Farm


Turning off the county road, we enter the narrow gravel road that leads into the Pine Valley property. The road is bordered by fields that soon turn into a dense woodland. There’s nothing more magical than following the winding road into the light-dappled forest, past openings in the wall of trees that signal the gateways to members’ homes, only a few visible through the leaves, then over the car bridge and swift-moving stream beneath, round another turn, and into the grassy parking area in front of our little cabin. After several hours, we sit on our porch chairs and look out at the meadow and moving stream below. It is my favorite time of day. The woods change color as sunlight drops, the stream burbles and purrs, the goldfinch jab at the dark seeds in the feeder, and I count the new wildflowers bloomed since our last visit. Nothing to do but look, listen, feel the wind.   

— Mary Rockcastle, member

Pine Valley Farm

is a collective made up of eighteen members (individuals and their families) who share ownership of over a thousand acres in western Wisconsin. The unique property is situated among a rich array of woods, wetlands, streams, lakes, fields, and prairies.   

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